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Welcome to the Warriorcats Forums WikiEdit

The Warriorcats Forums Wiki is a place for others to read and list information about the events, mishaps, members, threads, and other things on the Warriorcats Forum.

Warriorcats ForumsEdit

The Warriorcats Forum is (obviously) a Forum based on the book series Warriors; Seekers; and Survivors (not created yet) by Erin Hunter. Here users can post roleplays, chat rooms, games, etc.


There are several "branches" of the forums, and each one may contain threads of only a certain topic.

General Information

  • News and Announcements: Where you find all of the news and announcements.
  • Message Board Guidelines: The forum rules.
  • FAQs: Check here to ask a question, or see other questions that have been answered by mods and admins.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Where you leave your feedback and suggestions for the mods and admins to see.
  • Questions for Game Admin: This topic has been closed, is locked, and at the current point in time, useless.

Anniversary Party

  • Celebrate Here!: Locked. Where everyone celebrated the 1st WCF anniversary.
  • Celebration!: Locked. Where everyone celebrated the 2nd WCF anniversary.

Message Board Polls

  • Fan Polls - Seekers, Fan Polls - Warriors: Fan polls on the books.
  • Fan Polls - Off Topic: Polls on anything that isn't related to WC or Seekers.

Warriors - General Discussions

  • Warriors Misc.: WC stuff that don't really go anywhere else.
  • Introduction Forum: Introduce yourself here, especially if you're new.

The Books (This entire section is about the books. Discuss, talk, commiserate.)

  • Warriors: The Original Series
  • The New Prophecy
  • Power of Three
  • Omen of the Stars
  • Warriors Manga Books
  • Super Editions

The Cats and the Clans

  • The Cats: Discuss the cats in the books.
  • The Clans: Discuss the clans in the books.
  • Warriors Fan Clans: Make your own clan!
  • Warriors Fan Fiction: Make your own version of the WC story and share it!

The World of Seekers

  • The Quest Begins: Discuss the book/s.
  • Great Bear Lake: " "
  • Smoke Mountain: " "
  • The Last Wilderness: " "
  • Fire in the Sky: " "
  • Seekers Manga Books: " "
  • The Bears: Discuss about the bears in the story.
  • Seekers Fan Clans: Clans for the bears apparently.
  • Seekers Misc.: Anything about Seekers that doesn't fit anywhere else.
  • Seekers Fanfiction: Make your own version of the story!

Ask Erin

  • Question for Erin: Ask your questions!
  • Answers from Erin: They answer!

Other Topics:

  • Off Topic Role Playing: Off topic roleplaying. A story in the making.
  • Art Forum: Post your art!
  • Off-Topic Discussion: Anything.

Warriors Adventure Game

  • Mission Discussions: Discuss the Missions in the Adventure Game Missions
  • Misc. Game Discussions: Discuss about the game.

The Warriors and Seekers Fanatic Challenge

  • The Warriors and Seekers Fanatic Challenge: The first challenge. Locked.
  • Winners: The Winners of the Challenges.
  • The Warriors and Seekers Fanatic Challenge II: The second challenge. Locked.

Reading Warriors

  • Reading Warriors: Talk about books!

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